Teen Acne Summer Bootcamp

Having clear skin IS obtainable for your pre-teen or teen that is struggling with breakouts! Summer is the perfect time to address their specific concerns and join our 90day Skincare Bootcamp to reset their skin and have them Back To School Ready! 

At Avant Tous, acne and advanced skin management is our specialty. We’ve helped dozens of teens get their skin back on track without the use of harsh prescriptions. It is so important for our teens (boy and girl) to feel confident in the skin God gave them and one of the many reasons we are so passionate about this topic!

Our Teen Skincare Bootcamp is a 6-9 week program that is designed to be aggressive in their treatment while protecting and healing the wound that acne is. 
Consists of 3 services — TEEN Acne Facial // Skin Better Chemical Peel // Hydrafacial with LED Acne Therapy and each participant will receive a FREE Acne Skincare Kit (1 month supply of skincare). 
Below are just a few before and after images of the many teens we have helped! Having great skin isn’t complicated…. it just takes the RIGHT team to get the job done!
Join the Bootcamp with us & transform your skin! Fill the form out below to schedule your FREE consultation. A acne expert will respond within 24hours.