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What is it and how to treat it? 


1. Keep Bacteria off Your Face
Face masks trap and hold bacteria on your face. Many are having to wear a mask for an extended period throughout the day – so step 1 is about killing bacteria!!
*Take a mask break whenever possible
* Use our Salicylic Cleansing Wipes paired with
mid-day / end of day to neutralize bacteria & nutrients that strengthen skin to fight acne!  
2. MaskNe is more than you think
Not only is the bacterial factor a key issue, wearing masks everyday holds heat and moisture on your face (limits oxygen to skin), that heat and friction from fabric / paper cause abrasions- irritation & sores that appear to be acne but in fact are small wounds or rashes. Treat them differently.
*Try using our Compromised Barrier Set for healing
3. Schedule a Skincare Consultation
When left untreated, the build up of bacteria, irritation and wounds can cause scarring, uneven texture and pigmentation in the skin. Schedule a free skincare consultation today so our Skin Experts Can help you put your best face forward everyday 🙂 Call 225-448-4962 and one of our Client Concierge Members will assist you!